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Who we are 

Distant from any aseptic
and repetitive way of working,
enthusiasm and openness are
our competitive advantage.
Company specialized in Intellectual Property operating in Italy and abroad that offers support to companies and individuals from the birth of a new idea by identifying the best solution to protect it.

Energetic and dynamic business reality that was born from the synergy between industrial property consultants, lawyers and fiscal experts, all of whom share a modern approach to freelancing and a peculiar attention to details and specific client needs.

The professionals Albakora Intellectual Property avails itself of are distinguished by their attentiveness and flexibility, the empathy established with the client from the first contact, and their passion for Intellectual Property.

Alessandra Tavoni

Italian and European
in Industrial Property


The services are not limited to IP patent filing activities but go through each step of IP protection 

through customized consulting and assistance activities aimed at increasing the competitiveness 

of companies through the enhancement of their IP assets. 

Our mission:
to be the best partner for businesses to entrust with the protection of their ideas.


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IP history and hints.



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